The Basic Facts

Lonna and Meir (also known as Israel Meir) Kin have been separated since January 2005 and civilly divorced since May 2007 (Meir was the plaintiff). For over nine years, Meir has refused to issue an unconditional get (Jewish divorce) to Lonna. Multiple seruvim (contempt orders) have been issued against Meir by rabbinical courts in North America. Click here for the most recent seruv against him, issued by Rabbi Hershel Schachter, Rabbi Nachum Sauer and Rabbi Avrohom Union.


The Nitty Gritty

Meir claims to have received a heter meah rabbonim (permission of 100 rabbis) granting him the right in Jewish Law to remarry. In reality, Meir's “heter” stipulates that Lonna cannot receive a get unless she agrees to a binding arbitration hearing with a notoriously corrupt beit din. Even though she has every right to receive an immediate and unconditional get, Lonna is prepared to meet Meir halfway and submit to binding arbitration at any well-known and respected beit din. She has listed several for Meir to choose from, but he refuses, because he knows that only through his beit din will he be able to obtain that which he is looking for: a payout of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


It is interesting to note that Meir used the beit din of Rabbi Leibish Landesman to issue a get to his first wife (before Lonna). Why is Rabbi Landesman's beit din no longer acceptable to Meir to end his halachic marriage to his second wife, Lonna?! Or, for that matter, why won't he go to any other beit din aside from the only one which is so well-known for its corruption that it is not recognized by any other beit din in the world, including the Chief Rabbinate of Israel?!


The Bottom Line

As in the past, Meir may try to hide behind his various "anonymous" blogs:, and jeremysternfromora.blogspot.comHowever, we know the truth.  Meir has made clear on several occasions that he demands money in exchange for Lonna’s freedom.  This is clearly extortion, disguised by a shoddy excuse for halachic legitimacy.


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